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Dance Jam Fitness

Classes 2xs a week

  • Tuesday  Mornings 9-10am with Elizabeth
  • Saturday  Mornings 9-10am with Elizabeth

Dance Jam is an interactive and creative group dance experience that falls somewhere on the continuum between choreographed dance classes like Zumba and freeform dance experiences like ecstatic dance. Participants get to dance it in their own unique way while exploring a variety of styles and genres. No complicated choreography and no dance experience is required.

No mirrors, low lights. Come as you are!


      What is Dance Jam? This dance fitness is a new way to work out that leaves you feeling renewed mentally and physically. It is a dance-based     cardio packed workout fueled by an uplifting playlist.

      How long is it? Join us for this hour class to burn calories and work up a sweat all while improving endurance, flexibility, and balance.

      What makes Dance Jam fitness so different? Compared to other workout classes, it’s the intention behind it. This class is designed to not only   help you to be the best version of yourself, but to believe it! That’s why Dance Jam is a no mirror and no judgement zone. The instructor   encourages participants to love themselves through each phase of their fitness journey.

      Who can do it? This class is great no matter what level of dance experience you have. Come as you are and enjoy an hour of moving and   grooving. Perfect for anyone who wants to dance in Petaluma!

      What to expect in a class?
      Warm up groove.
      Energetic dance-based cardio workout
      Cool down and short meditation.
      A variety of great music!
     And encouragement to feel good in your body every step of the way!

      What to bring?
      Comfortable workout clothes