Watercolor class for beginner's

Spring Beginner's Watercolor


We offer watercolor classes for new and returning students who are eager to experience the joy of art-making while learning skill-based techniques and concepts. 
All classes include skill-based lessons with fun and easy projects that synthesize the skills from the session.   
While each session of classes builds on a set of learning skills such as COLOR, BRUSHWORK, PAINTING FROM PHOTOS, PAINTING FROM OBSERVATION, LIGHT/DARK- etc…our Spiral Curriculum allows all levels of learners to work at their own pace and deepen their knowledge in a social and supportive setting. 

6 sessions for adults (16+) PLUS  includes after-class follow-up instructional videos if you miss a session.

Cost $195

Time Wednesdays 11-12:30pm

Dates April 3 – May 8

(April  10th STUDIO TIME ONLY – staff support & materials provided).

Instructor Elizabeth  McKoy

FOCUS: Making your watercolors come to life: learning how to see and translate your vision into paintings that contrast: light/dark.
Values are how light and dark our watercolors are and they are so important for successful paintings both realistic and abstract. 
Additionally, the class will continue working on color, and brushwork.
Every Class
  • Warm-ups
  • Identify the techniques
  • Art making

Elizabeth McKoy

“I believe that living the fullest, happiest life includes creative expression. There is no greater feeling to me than working collaboratively with others, and this combination of creativity, community, and connection is what Artaluma is all about.

I’ve been an actress, singer, painter, teacher,  arts administrator, theatre director and artistic director. I get filled with hope and tremendous energy from the myriad of gutsy, joyful other creatives who have and will soon inspire and teach me.”

Examples of Elizabeth’s work.

"Future City"
"White Knights"
Artaluma is a non-profit organization

COSTS: Our greatest hope is to keep ARTALUMA’s class fees affordable with donations/grants/sponsorships from our community. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Imagination Foundation for the Arts Tax ID #20-1867951