Join Me For A Dynamic & Fun Adventure!

  • 4 sessions  for adults (16+)
  • Cost $135 plus (does not include a $10 materials fee; option to bring your own, details with registration)
  • Time: Wednesdays 11-12:30pm
  • Dates: May 22- June 10
  • Instructor: Tara Dickinson

Class Description

Learn how to find your own way of drawing, through a series of guided exercises and experiments. We’re learning an individual way of seeing and interpreting the world.

The purpose of this class is to get in touch with your spontaneity and curiosity; learning how to explore and find the personal approach & voice that makes sense to you. 

Each class will focus on a new technique to help explore ways to open up, loosen up, and find freedom in enjoying the act and expression of drawing. The finished drawing will be meaningful and personal.

Perfect for all levels, beginner to advanced, students who want to explore working with the right side of the brain or emotional side.

Class 1 – Instinctive Drawing, Getting Loose!


  • Responding to the marks made before us & pulling out the images that emerge.
  • Making marks on the paper without planning; lines, doodles and squiggles.
  • Capturing the first impulse & tapping into Intuitiveness and spontaneity.

Class II –Interpreting Motion & Direction – Human Face


  • Direction & motion
  • Play with a variety and diversity of lines
  • Plus using tone, light & dark, shading

Class III –Mood & Feeling – Still Life Expression


    • What specific objects or part of the still life attract your attention?
    • What is the mood of this still life?
    • Paying attention to positive & negative spaces.
    • Learn to ask: what is the subject saying to me?

Class IV –Exaggeration & Imagination


  • From a base image, the instructor will give prompts to explore.
  • Example: Image of a person jumping. 
    • Instruction: “This is a large woman with a big head landing on the back of a bug.”
    • Multiple options will be available to choose from.

Tara Dickinson

With a background in fine arts and years of teaching a variety of art labs to kids & grownups, Tara enjoys sharing tools to help everyone feel comfortable in the creative process while learning new techniques. A newer resident of C.A., Tara moved to Santa Rosa in 2022 after growing up mostly in FL. She took over general management of Artaluma in June 2023 where she hopes to expand the center’s vision while putting her grant writing skills to work. 

Tara’s IG Art Page HERE.

Examples of Tara’s Expressive Drawing process.

Artaluma is a non-profit organization

COSTS: Our greatest hope is to keep ARTALUMA’s class fees affordable with donations/grants/sponsorships from our community. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Imagination Foundation for the Arts Tax ID #20-1867951