Artistic Journey Course

The Artists Way 2.0.


Early 2023 (Dates TBD)


 Join us on a 3 month journey of discovery.

Wednesday evenings 7-8:30pm.

Join us to reawaken or deepen your artistic journey Create a practice that will sustain and motivate you. Inspired by the ARTIST’S WAY – Our “2.0” course applies and weaves the original concepts of Julia Cameron’s work into new joyful, practical, and motivational activities and innovative lessons. 

  • The course is divided into 5 sections. 
    1. Identify, write and revise your creative vision and meaning making goals.
    2. Using your personal creativity experience, history and wisdom you will create a simple and achievable pathway to realize your vision and goals. 
    3. Explore new and different ways of feeling artistically inspired – using a variety of modalities and exercises, have fun trying new ways of seeing and exploring your creativity. 
    4. Begin developing a personal,  unique and joyful regular creative practice plan.
    5. Reflect on steps 1-4, revise and develop practical accountability tools, motivational insights and social connections for you to feel positive and productive on your next step in your Artistic Journey.
          1. We will be working on all sections during our class sessions in our journals
          2. Share your journey and  discoveries in a small and supportive class community. 
          3. Instructor:   Elizabeth McKoy 
          4. Cost  $TBD.  Journal included, to  document your journey
          Artaluma is a non-profit organization

          COSTS: Our greatest hope is to keep ARTALUMA’s class fees affordable with donations/grants/sponsorships from our community. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Imagination Foundation for the Arts Tax ID #20-1867951

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