Art Journaling Class

  NEW DATES:  Sept 12 –  October 24 2022 (NO CLASS OCT 10th)

6 sessions 

Mondays 1-2:30pm

This class is perfect for anyone wanting to start or re-activate their Art Journaling process. 

The class is divided into 5 sections: 

I – Art Journal VIBE -what “look” do you want your journal to have? 

It’s for you- and what do you want it to look like? Not look like?

What appeals to you?  -we’ll try out tons of different ideas and look at a variety of art journals. 

 II – The “why” is everything- during the class you’ll identify your hearts-desire for your art journal.  This will be a powerful and important touchstone to use. 

 III –  Overcoming the Blank Page – We will tackle how to create an abundance of ideas and themes for your Art Journal that are meaningful and joyful for you.  

-choosing questions and prompts,and themes you’ll begin knowing what inspires you as you collect art journaling tools. 

 IV – Materials GALORE – Portable, beautiful and simple art journaling materials are so much fun to experiment with.  Lets play together and find materials that feel “just right” for your art journaling process. 

 V –  RITUAL, PRACTICE and REFLECTION – Creating time and space for art journaling can be a challenge- Together, we’ll make a plan and try some tried and true rituals and practices for art journaling. 

Learning to Reflect, go back and deepen the Art Journaling experience often transforms our artmaking.  

 Elizabeth McKoy (facilitator) will offer a few fun and diverse prompt ideas/suggestions and group members are encouraged to share their ideas and encouragement with each other.

Materials: Bring an art journal from home. Pens and art supplies to play and experiment with will be provided. 

COST: $150

 “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsworth

Artaluma is a non-profit organization

COSTS: Our greatest hope is to keep ARTALUMA’s class fees affordable with donations/grants/sponsorships from our community. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Imagination Foundation for the Arts Tax ID #20-1867951

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