About Artaluma


What is ARTALUMA? – Artaluma is a vibrant, multi-disciplinary creativity center for adults and families, located in historic downtown Petaluma.  Find us at 145 Keller Street, Petaluma, California.

“We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire, unleash and celebrate creativity in everyone,” says Founder Elizabeth McKoy. “We achieve this through in-person and online classes, workshops, camps supported by our unique positive, open and heart-centered community.

Why is Artaluma needed?
Because art is for everybody, regardless of experience and training. Artaluma encourages everyone to create art, take risks and to find freedom and joy in the ability to express one’s unique voice in the world.

How can I learn more about what’s happening?
Don’t miss a thing, subscribe to our newsletter & email updates. This is a great option for art & dance classes near me if you live in Sonoma County.

Who runs Artaluma?
Elizabeth McKoy is the founder and director of ARTALUMA.  For over 16 years, Elizabeth has been the founding artistic director of the award-winning professional theatre company, Berkeley Playhouse.  In the process, she has developed a thriving musical theater school serving over 1,400 students each year.  Elizabeth has directed and musically staged over 30 shows and is also a painter, creativity curriculum writer and coach.  She lives in Petaluma with her family.  

How can I make a donation?
Thank you for sharing in our vision and supporting the arts in Sonoma County. Artaluma is under the 501 c(3) non-profit Imagination Foundation for the Arts, Tax ID #20-1867951. You can donate HERE.  

About Elizabeth

Teacher, Facilitator & Artaluma Director

I believe that living the fullest, happiest life includes creative expression. There is no greater feeling to me than working collaboratively with others, and this combination of creativity, community, and connection is what ARTALUMA is all about.

I have learned to prioritize creative fitness. It hasn’t been easy, but it is a necessary path to my happiness and well-being. I’ve been an actress, singer, painter, teacher,  arts administrator, theatre director and artistic director. I am insanely curious about understanding big questions such as “the meaning of life,” and I get filled with hope and tremendous energy from the myriad of gutsy, joyful other creatives who have and will soon inspire and teach me.

Fourteen years ago I had a big dream, the Berkeley Playhouse—a professional musical theatre company—and today we are a successful, award-winning non-profit organization serving thousands of people in the San Francisco Bay Area. All of these experiences have led me to want to share my insights and knowledge to help others.

I am married to my best friend for many years, and we are “forever nesters” with five children ages 8 to 27. In 2021 we moved to Petaluma and began to dream and plan Artaluma.

Elizabeth McKoy, Artaluma Founder

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Studio Interior

Visit ARTALUMA Creativity Center

We have 3000 square foot gorgeous vaulted ceiling space including a charming outdoor patio area. The space has been designed to help others feel relaxed, inspired and able to connect.  We dance, paint, film, discuss, act, play music and work with our hands at the studio.  


Dana Swint
Adult student 2019-2021

“I have Elizabeth to thank for reconnecting me with my inner creativity! She is a fantastic teacher and facilitator, who makes group work un-intimidating, and welcoming for all folks, from different backgrounds and experience levels. The exercises she shared helped me to break out of the limiting beliefs I had about myself and my relationship to creativity. I was able to finally make space for this part of myself again! Her work RENEWS and enlivens. It is fun, silly, vulnerable and deep. I am eternally grateful and highly recommend taking a class with Elizabeth.”

Kimberly Dooley
Executive Artistic Director, Teacher, Adult Student

“Elizabeth gets to the heart of things with so much joy and passion. She challenges me to get out of my comfort zone and dive into creative thinking. It’s good for me as an artist and also just as a human. I live so much more fully and vibrantly when I’m engaged creatively. I can’t wait to try more groups and workshops.”

Laura Marlin
Teaching Artist/Playwright/Director

Elizabeth is a life-changing teacher.   When my kids were young, I watched them get swept up in the joy and satisfaction of being a part of the dynamic theater community that Elizabeth created, and blossom under her teaching and encouragement.  As adults, they often reflect on Elizabeth’s power of listening to every child, incorporating their ideas and inventions, and encouraging everyone to go deeper, be fuller, react stronger.    On a personal note, Elizabeth saw talent in me that I didn’t know I had, and has supported and nurtured my creativity in a way that has truly changed my life.”

Helga Ying
Parent of Student

“Elizabeth directed my daughter in both professional and youth theater productions. She was an incredible teacher — not only teaching my daughter acting and vocal skills and helping her become a polished and creative performer, but also boosting her confidence and sense of belonging. In addition, The atmosphere was warm and mutually supportive among the actors/actresses — a sharp contrast to the cutthroat environment of many theaters. Every actor/actress, whether playing the lead or in the ensemble cast, felt special and the team came up with new and creative ways for everyone to shine. Our daughter continues to thrive in the theater community thanks to Elizabeth’s care and teaching.”